For a Summer greeting I picked Watson in NF

– son of Kaia and Apollo – turned 1 year in July.

Hope you all had a great Summer!

Have to add another favorite:  3 doggies in window

happen to live in NS and are not for sale!


At Tanoak we had an extremely busy Summer.

 All went well and we are now ready for the next round!


Sept 27/21 PAMINA found a new brother!

TEEMO 6 months and PAMINA 4 months


Sept 22/21   Pamina arrived from Germany.

After a long flight you need to eat – so she 

followed her nose and found the cookies!

Now she is happily munching her food!

On September 20th JEFFREY’S BD – 11 years

Mating Dates we had this Summer:

Rhea and Freddy on September 24th

Rayne and Freddy  on August 20th

Piper and Tony on August 17th

Pax and Tony on August 13th

Some of the puppies we had this Summer:

Jazz with her litter at 5.5 weeks

Jazz-Freddy Male #1  HUGO

Jazz-Freddy   Male #2  WALLACE

Jazz-Freddy   Male #4  DEEKS

Jazz-Freddy Male #5  DUTCH  “Ardo”

Jazz-Freddy Female #6  PEARL

Jazz-Freddy Male #4  DEEKS

Jazz-Freddy Male #5  DUTCH

Caroline-Tony Female #7  RUBY

Caroline-Tony puppies

Caroline-Tony Male #3  JAKE

Caroline-Tony Male #5  TYSON

Jazz-Freddy Male #3  BENTLEY

Jasmine-Tony Male #4  HOMER

Caroline-Tony Female #7  LOVELY

Above:   Oakley’s  Luna  at  7 weeks

Below:  Oakley’s Maverick at 8 weeks 

July 7/21 Five Oakley-Tony pups at 6 weeks