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Please help to reduce my incoming email and Facebook messages!  As it stands by now – I am unable to catch up as there are just too many inquiries!


  • If you need to know when my next litter will be – please check website under Puppies – Upcoming litters.


  • If you are ready for a pup and see one that you like and is available in Newborn Section – website, please sent email with first and second choice and also ask for detailed info at that time. These inquiries will be answered within a week.


  • There is no longer a waiting list as it did not work for me, but if on my former list your place will be honored. Proceed as in para 2.


  • Please don’t ask me what will be next year as I am just going from day to day and cannot predict so far ahead, When next year arrives check under upcoming litters – website.


  • Once you have your Tanoak puppy there will be 24/7 service for any arising questions.


Thank you very much for your help – Helga

If you have any more questions or comments, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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