Are boxers good with children?
Yes, very much so. But like children, they need proper “education” (training) to prevent “accidents”.

Are they good guard and protection dogs?
No question at all. But unless you want to treat them as real members of your family, you may be better off getting an alarm system. Like any other living being, they need proper care, including exercise.

Do they need a lot of exercise?
They should have at least 1 to 2 hours per day, preferably in more than one “session”.

What about crating – is it ok for them?
Puppies need about 2 hours of rest for each hour of activity. It’s important to use a crate; not only to prevent soiling of your home, but also for the puppy’s protection. And don’t forget: puppies have to relieve themselves frequently – about every 3 hours. Older dogs can stay in the crate longer. But even an adult should not be crated, without an opportunity to stretch the legs, for longer than 5-6 hours. It is important to never use a crate for punishment! It is your dog’s safe place or its den.

Do they shed a lot?
Not nearly as much as some of the long-coated breeds. But, yes, they do shed.

Do they need a lot of training?
That’s very relative, isn’t it? Our opinion: just like with kids, things don’t improve overnight. We figure that between 3 to 5 training classes during the first 2 years of their life is the most beneficial, with the end goal being the successful completion of the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test.

Are they registered?
All our dogs are CKC registered. When they leave our place, they have been de-wormed, have had the first set of vaccinations and have been checked by a veterinarian. They will need two more sets of vaccinations during the first year of life and an annual “booster” thereafter.

There are so many more points to cover. If you have time, just come and visit for an in-depth informational meeting. You are welcome at any time. Specifically, if you are not yet ready to acquire a dog, getting as much information as possible before you “make the big jump” is vital… both for the dog’s well-being, as well as yours. Please call us so we can arrange a mutually convenient date and time.