HOME is a small place housing about a dozen adult boxers (males & females, fawn and brindle, cropped and natural ears), plus puppies from time to time, and of course, Helga and Dieter.

We all enjoy living hidden away in the bush and we invite you to visit with us.

In summer, you’re able to drive up to the house, about 350m into the bush, where lush vegetation greets you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of our wild friends – hummingbirds, turkeys and deer, for example. In winter, you’ll need a four-wheel drive vehicle or we can arrange to pick you up from our “upper parking lot” close to County Road 27.

Upon your arrival, our boxers will be greeting you with lots of barking. The minute you sit on a chair in our home, the dogs will quickly quiet down. The boxer is a guard and protection breed, and thus it is their job to let us know about any change in our home. Each one of “our kids” has its own crate with a blanket and a toy to keep them comfortable and occupied so as not to overwhelm our guests with their outpouring of love. Of course, they all get plenty of time throughout the day to roam and play in the large fenced backyard. If you want to say hello to any of them up close, they’d be most pleased to meet you, one at a time. As for the puppies, if you’d like to cuddle them in your arms, we guarantee you’ll find willing participants!

So, we look forward to seeing you soon!