NEXT LITTERS DUE  Aug 26/20.   Sept 15/20


July 14/20  Mating Date for Lena and Lord Ragnar

Litter due  Sept 15/20  –  est 8 weeks Nov 10/20

Lena says she is ready to be a mom.


June 24/20  Mating Date for Oakley and Archie

Litter due Aug 26/20  – est. 8 weeks Oct 21/20


May 13/20 Mating Date for Gina and Kaos

Litter due:  July 15/20  – est. 8 weeks  Sept 9/20

Tanoak Gina of Cedarose + Grenfel Kaos


April 23/20  Mating Day for Pax and Kaos

Litter due:  June 25/20  –  pups est. 8 weeks:  Aug 20/20

PAX  daughter of AKC CH KOA + LUNA


All European Tanoak Lines in both parents


April 14/20  Lucy had 6 puppies (1 male, 5 females)

Feb 13/20 Mating Date for Lucy and Koa jr.

Litter due:  Apr 16/20  –  est. 8 weeks June 11/20


April 1/20  five puppies for Vicky + Kaos

Jan 30/20  Mating Date for Vicky and Kaos

Litter due:  Apr 2/20  –  est. 8 weeks May 28/20


March 15/20  Nine puppies for Pita

Jan 14/20  Mating Date for Pita and Archie

litter due:  Mar 17/20  –  est 8 weeks May 12/20

Jan 14/20  PITA (Tanoak Russell Pita)

Parents: Vicky and Kyler;   Brother: Apollo

Jan 14/20  ARCHIE  (Tanoak Achilles)

Parents:  Lexy and Lenny


March 16/20  Six puppies for Jazz (+1 w. birth defect)

Jan 12/20  Mating Date for Jazz and Kaos

Litter due:  Mar 15/20  –  est 8 weeks May 10/20

Jan 12/20  Jazz + Kaos   –  ‘honeymoon’

good girl!  – Jazz –  good watch dog!

Jazz is the daughter of our Lenny  + Maggie

Grenfel Kaos

 (Tanoak Morning Glory ‘Matilda’  and Tanoak Jeffrey Janos)


March 6/20  Seven puppies for Willow

Jan 3/20  Mating Date for Willow and Nimbus

Litter due: Mar 6/20  –  est. 8 weeks May 1/20

WILLOW (a Lenny daughter)

NIMBUS (a Janos son) 9.5 years and still going strong


Kaia is pregnant – photo taken Nov 16/19

Oct 4/19 Mating Date for Kaia and Apollo

Litter due:  Dec 6/19  –  est. 8 weeks Jan 31/20

Kaia (Button-Lenny)

Apollo (Vicky-Kyler)

Kaia + Apollo are living in the same home and

they mated there – so no honeymoon pictures!

 Kaia will have her pups at Tanoak.


But anyway they both had a lot of fun. 

Sept 25/19 Mating Date for Gina and Kapuni

Litter due:  Nov 27/19   –  est. 8 weeks Jan 22/20

Kapuni (Luna-Koa) visiting from California

enjoyed honeymoon with Gina (Button-Lenny)

Kapuni and Gina – that was fun!

Sept 29/19  Oakley is not pregnant!

Aug 9/19 Mating Date for Oakley and Brutus

Litter due:  Oct 6/19  –  est. 8 weeks  Dec 1/19

Tanoak Oakley Marie, born Aug 1/17 (Kaia + Kyler)

Loveangel Brutus Eye of Tanoak, born Feb 21/16

 ( Loveangel Molly of Tanoak and Italian Dario)

Cheers – going to drink to it!


On July 8/19 Vicky became mom of 9 puppies

May 8/19 Mating Date for Vicky and Kaos

Litter due July 10/19 – est 8 weeks Sept 4/19

May 8/19  Tanoak Vicky Vicky waiting for her mate

Vicky has a welcome howl for Kaos

Grenfel Kaos son of Tanoak Jeffrey and “Matilda” –

Tanoak  Morning Glory (a Martha-Wally daughter)

Vicky and Kaos are looking like twins

July 5/19 three puppies for Meeka and Brutus (2M, 1F)

May 4/19 Mating Date for Meeka and Brutus

Litter due July 6/19  –  est 8 weeks Aug 31/19

Mating at 10:30 pm – pictures the morning after!

Tanoak Mighty Meeka + Loveangel Brutus of Tanoak


White and brindle PAX is the daughter of Koa + Luna

 Sorry no pups for Pax this time – not pregnant!

  July 2017  young Gracie living with Diesel’s mom Kira

Mar 31/19 Mating Date for GRACIE LYN and DIESEL

Litter due June 2/19  – est 8 weeks July 28/19

On June 4th Gracie became mother to 5 puppies

Front: Diesel + his mom Kira who is living with Gracie

Mar 31/19  Diesel is meeting his mom Kira (9 years)

Tanoak Bohdon JR DIESEL at home (Dec 2018) 

Last litter for blue eyed Paris – born Nov 15/13

Mar 10/19 Mating Date for PARIS and BRUTUS

Litter due May 12  –  est 8 weeks Jul 7/19

6 weeks pregnant Paris with her daughter Moana

Paris at home – 6 weeks pregnant

It was raining so hard we all got soaked to the skin

therefore only a few pictures – then into the house

April 30/19 Lily became mom to 8 puppies

Lily 5 weeks pregnant + Gus at their home

Lily 7 weeks pregnant

Lily 7 weeks pregnant with Gus in their home  ***************************

Feb 27/19 Mating Date for LILY and GUS

 Litter due May 1/19 – est 8 weeks June 26/19

Lily and Gus live in the same home and mated there.

See more pictures of same dogs’ last mating below

June 24/18

Feb 6/19  Mating Date for TRIA and BRUTUS

Litter due Apr 10/19  –  est. 8 weeks Jun 5/19

 Tria’s 6 puppies have arrived on Apr 10/19

TRIA  –  Tanoak Elegant Lady Elantria 

– a sweet and loving girl,  just like her mom Sophie –

Loveangel BRUTUS Eye of Tanoak


TRIA  is staying with Tanoak – puppies raised here!

When lease is finished she will be back with David.

 Daughter of Sophie + Lenny, Granddad is our Wally

Sept 6/18  Mating Date for Ava and Nimbus

Litter due Nov 8/18  – est. 8 weeks Jan 3/19

Six  puppies arrived Nov 8/18 

Sept 6/18  AVA  – Tanoak Autumn’s Reign

daughter of Abby  (below) and Noris

 Nimbus says:  For luck!

NIMBUS  – Tanoak It’s Now Or Never 


Aug 19/19 Mating Date for Abby and Brutus

Litter due Oct 21/18  –  est. 8 weeks Dec 16/18

One puppy got prematurely loose + section became

necessary to save mom – 2 stillborn puppies

+ 1 lost after a few days – 3 hand-raised, born Nov 17/18

ABBY  –  Tanoak Abilene’s Reign  born Jul 9/13

parents:  Phoenix + Siggy  –   puppies in fawn color

It was a hot day!


July 27/18 Mating under ‘Canadian Palms’


On Sept 28/18  six puppies born – 4 stayed alive

Litter due Sept 28/18  – est. 8 weeks Nov 23/18

All the puppies will be brindle


July 6/18  Mating Date for WILLOW and NIMBUS

 Sep 11/18 WILLOW had 5 puppies – 8 weeks Nov 6/18


Aug 18/18 Lily is not pregnant – next time ….

July 8/18  Lily and Gus at home

June 24/18 Mating Date for Lily and Gus

Litter due Aug 26/18 – est 8 weeks Oct 21/18


born Sept 8/16 


Lenny’s litter brother, born May 19/11


Aug 2/18 Leah and Brutus are parents of  1 M + 3 F

July 16/18  LEAH  ‘yes, I am pregnant!’

May 30/18  Mating Date for Leah and Brutus

Litter due Aug 1/18  –  est 8 weeks Sept 26/18

May 30/18  Tanoak Leah, born June 7/16 (Remy-Lenny)

Loveangel Brutus Eye of Tanoak, born Feb 21/16

parents:  Dario (Ital.) + Loveangel Molly of Tanoak 


 March 8/18  Seven pups, 2 M, 5 F for Meeka + Lenny 

Jan 3/18  Mating Date for Meeka and Lenny

litter due Mar 7/18  –  est. 8 weeks May 2/18

MEEKA is the daughter of BB Bella + Nimbus

LENNY’S parents are Phoenix + Siggy

Dec 6/17 Mating Date for Scarlett and Brutus

Feb 7/18 Six strong puppies have been born

litter due Feb 7/18  –  est. 8 weeks Apr 4/18

Jan 14/18 Scarlett is pregnant


born Feb 21/16, parents: Molly-Dario (Ital.)

SCARLETT  – Tanoak Lucy of Cedarose

born Aug 3/15, parents: Button-Lenny

Dec 27/17  Four puppies for Vicky + Kyler

 Oct 25/17  Mating Date for Vicky and Kyler

litter due: Dec 27/17  – est. 8 weeks Feb 21/18

Oct 25/17  Tanoak Vicky Vicky, born July 27/14


Oct 25/17 Tanoak Kyler Orion, born April 14/09

Kyler (July 2017)


From the Archive:  PARIS, born Nov 15/13


Nov 8/17 Six puppies have arrived 

 Sept 6/17 Mating Date for blue eyed PARIS + ARCHIE

Due date: Nov 8/17  –  pups about 8 weeks Jan 2/18


Sept 6/17  Tanoak PARIS Winterblue Eyes

Parents:  Daffnie + Bobby

Sept 6/17  ARCHIE  – Tanoak Achilles (Lexy-Lenny)

On Aug 1/17 Kaia gave birth to 7 puppies

Our Kaia is living now with Kyler and they had a

date on May 31/17 – so pups expected Aug 2/17

TANOAK KYLER ORION,  born April 14/09

(Nickoftime Daphne of Tanoak +Tanoak Julius Jaxon)

July 29/17  a very pregnant KAIA arrived at Tanoak

July 29/17  Tanoak Kaia of Cedarose, born Aug 3/15

(a Button + Lenny daughter)

Kaia still remembers us and settled in nicely


An archive picture of our girls playing  (Oct 18/16)

KAIA is the fawn one.  Kyler is also fawn – so fawn pups!


 May 18/17  Mating day for Maggie and Lenny

litter due:  July 20/17  –  pups est. 8 weeks  Sept 14/17

July 20/17  3 girl pups for Maggie + Lenny


May 19/17  a very hot day – but a good day!

May 19/17  next day much cooler – so honeymoon!

Lenny + Maggie  

May 19/17  Happy Birthday Lenny  –  6 years

 May 4/17  Mating day for Stella and Nimbus


litter due:  July 6/17  –  pups est. 8 weeks Aug 31/17

STELLA is Lenny’s litter sister, parents: Siggy + Phoenix

NIMBUS – Tanoak It’s Now or Never (Janos’ son)

This celebration ended by darkness and  and  pouring rain

May 2/17  Mating day for Bailey + Reuven


June 10/17 Bailey – still early days – looking good

litter due July 4/17  –  pups est 8 weeks Aug 29/17

Then it started raining so hard and Bailey went home.

Later  at a rain break some more pictures of Reuven:

Koa’s son: Tanoak Reuven of Palo Mesa (USA)  

 April 28/17 Lula + Lenny by A.I. so not sure if successful

June 30/17  Five pups for Lula

 Due to Lula needing quiet time – pictures taken on April 29th

Litter due June 30/17  – est. 8 weeks  Aug 25/17

LULA  daughter of Remy and Cadbury

Lula loves Lenny and wants the mating badly,

but last second she gets worried it might hurt.

So artificial insemination with Lenny’s sperm!

 April 19/17  Mating dates:  for Abby and Jeffrey 

and for Abby’s daughter Ava and Lord Ragnar

June 5/17  Abby is not pregnant (x-ray June 17th)

June 21/17  Eight pups for Ava

June 5/17 Ava is pregnant.  X-ray shows 7 to 8 pups!

Litters due June 21/17  – est 8 weeks Aug 16/17

April 17/17   planning the mating at Abby’s + Ava’s home 


April 19/17 evening:  Abby – it got too dark for clear pictures

Abby is the sister of Lenny and daughter of Phoenix + Siggy, 

April 19/17  Abby and Jeffrey + a little ghost watching

Tanoak Jeffrey Janos (+ Ava behind fence)

Abby and Jeffrey – a 50% chance with 2 short ties


April 21/17  tried once more – 3 short ties – puppies?


Ava – Tanoak Autumn’s Reign (sire: Noris) – and Ragnar

Tanoak Lord Ragnar of Cedarose (a Pryce son)

 – an excellent mating! –


March 10/17 Mating date for Meeka and Asterix

On May 13th  3 strong male pups were born 

Litter due:  May 12/17  –  est. 8 weeks  July 7/17

Love is in the air!

Sweet  + handsome Asterix (8 years in August) 

 Meeka is just adoring him – such a sweet couple!

First time mom Meeka (daughter of our Nimbus)


March 2/17  Mating date for Sophie and Lenny

Six puppies have arrived May 8/17  (2 males 4 females)

Litter due:  May 4/17  –  est. 8 weeks June 29/17

Peppy’s Angel Sophie (Wally’s daughter) 

Hard to believe this bouncing girl will turn 6 this year

This will be Sophie’s 4th and final litter – always with Lenny

Feb 2/17  Mating Date for Scarlett and Koa

4 puppies arrived on April 7/17

litter due: Apr 6/17  –  est. 8 weeks June 1/17

Feb 2/17  SCARLETT –  Tanoak Lucy of Cedarose

(daughter of Button and Lenny)

Feb 2/17  Koa and Scarlett


Feb 2/17  Koa and Scarlett

Feb 2/17  AKC CH Tanoak Koa Kaskade

While in Canada – Koa has been busy.

Now back to California –  Thank you KOA 


(The freezing rain could not stop them!)

Jan 17/17  Mating of  BUTTON and KOA

8 puppies arrived on Mar 21/17

litter due: Mar 21/17  – est 8 weeks  May 16/17

Cedarose’s Cute as a Button (all Tanoak lines)

 Pryce is her sire  + Noris is one of the grand sires 

AKC CH Tanoak Koa Kaskade



Jan 5/17 + Jan 7/17   Mating of  VICKY and KOA

2 puppies arrived on March 11/17

litter due:  Mar 9-11/17  – est 8 weeks  May 4/17

Jan 7/17 Vicky and Koa asked for repetition.

So much fun and the sun was shining!



Jan 5/17  Tanoak Vicky Vicky (Darcy-Lenny daughter)

– born July 27/14 – this will be Vicky’s first litter –



Jan 5/17  Vicky + Koa







Shadows getting longer – Wind blowing stronger!

Hoping for success – after sitting in the cold for 30 min.



Sire: Dutch Secret Lennox at Tanoak CGN, CGC 

Dam:  Tanoak Lydia Beck




DSCF9840 - Copy

Nov 22/16  Ten puppies for Luna + Koa


Nov 6/16  Luna is pregnant




Sept 22/16  Mating of Koa and Luna

litter due:  Nov 24/16  –  est. 8 weeks Jan 19/17


TANOAK LUNAR PERIGEE  (Lenny’s younger sister)


Luna and Koa are living in California

It is planned that Luna will have her pups at Tanoak







DSCF9839 - Copy

Nov 10/16  Three puppies for Molly and Ragnar


Nov 9/16  Molly is very pregnant


Nov 8/16  Molly almost ready


Molly 8 weeks pregnant


Sept 10/16 Mating of Molly and Ragnar

litter due:  Nov 12/16 – est. 8 weeks Jan 7/17


MOLLY   Loveangel Molly of Tanoak



* Yes RagnarMolly loves you! *

RAGNAR  Tanoak Lord Ragnar of Cedarose 







* They are having a ball!’ *


* Cheers to happy endings! *


018 - Copy

  NOTE:  Should you have a pup from us and

wish to have the very beginning of its creation

–  the parents on mating day –

Please request pictures by email

we proudly share!