VERNON, born July 7/15 (Abby-Noris)



ABBY (Jorja-Jeffrey) and ARCHIE (Lexy-Lenny)


Oct 26/18  AVA – 2 more weeks (by Nimbus)

  ‘Tanoaks’ elsewhere – Thanks for thinking of us!

Happy Halloween TUCKER (Remy-Pryce) b. Jan 12/15

BRUTUS (Ava-Ragnar)  born June 21/17

MARNIE (Ava-Ragnar)  born June 21/17

MISS MARLOW (Sophie-Lenny) born May 27/15


Oct 27/18  Visit of FINLEY (Meeka-Asterix) b. MAY 13/17

Oct 25/18 five Willow-Nimbus puppies at Tanoak

Willow’s  SOPHIE  at 6 weeks

Willow’s  GEORGE  at 6 weeks

Willow’s  RAMBO  at 6 weeks

Willow’s  GUNNAR  at 6 weeks

Willow’s  JASMINE  at 6 weeks


Oct 30/18  Abby’s pups are thriving – being fed

every 3 to 4 hours around the clock. 

(Helga again functional – bone healed!)


Oct 29/18  Abby goes home – mastitis w. high fever.

Helga is hand raising the pups as milk turned toxic.


Oct 25/18  Abby-Brutus pups 8 days and doing well!

Abby’s M#1  fawn male  362 g at birth

Abby’s F#2  white female  345 g at birth

Abby’s F#3  fawn female  284 g at birth


Oct 17/18  Wednesday – decaying puppy born at 1 am to Abby,

who was only due on Sunday.  C-section was needed to

save the mom and hopefully also some of the pups.

The x-ray showed 5 more puppies, not ready to  be born.

four of them made it out alive,  one male had just died.

 The smallest Female (above) weighing 284 grams

The  faces were not quite formed yet, they had no hair

 on faces and legs, and they could not find to mom.

Abby’s mom stayed with us and helped putting the pups

onto Abby and we had to turn and massage

the pups every time they stopped breathing.

By Saturday still 3 alive – lost the dark fawn female.

On Sept 28/18  Bailey wanted to go for c-section

in a hurry.  While Helga tried to close the gate, Bailey

took off, with Helga flying face first after her, still

hanging with left hand onto the leash.

Result: broken bone in upper arm and lots of bruises!

+ sand and scratches on face + broken eye glasses.

Bailey’s pups were therefore raised by her family.

So slow time for everything at Tanoak till Oct 17th