TATANKA Artes Liberales (FCI) Polish  Import + HELGA

Big Hi from both of us at Tanoak in Mid March 2020


It has been a busy month with raising Tatanka

and also with new puppies being born.

Actually Tatanka thinks she is training me.

In short:  We are good for each other!


March 16/20  Six brindle puppies for Jazz + Archie

See also newborn section and Tanoak  Boxers Facebook


March 15/20 Eight puppies for Pita + Archie and

a number 9 pup 24 hours later.  Raised at Pita’s.

More photos in newborn section + Tanoak Boxers Facebook


March 6/20 Seven puppies for Willow and Nimbus –

being raised at Willow’s + at Tanoak after weaning.

More photos in Newborn section + Facebook Tanoak Boxers


March 2/20  Tatanka  and her babysitter  Nimbus