Welcome in June with


born Oct 22/16 (Luna+Koa son)

Thanks go to his owner for sharing

June 26/18 Therapy dog MARTHA – almost 11 years –

still going to nursing homes 3 times a week

Boxerbabies Martha of Tanoak, sister of our Noris.

Thanks for the visit!

June 24/18 Love story between Lily and Gus

Puppies expected Aug 26/18  (see upcoming litters!)

June 15/18  DutchSecret’s Copper Penny, born Dec 8/17

from NS spent a few days with us and Brutus loved him.

June 9/18 visit of ABBY and her daughter AVA

ABBY (left) is Lenny’s younger sister and our

Noris is the sire of her daughter AVA (right)

Future Tanoak moms – maybe still this year?


June 7/18 Celebrating with Lena and Poppy

LENA – Tanoak Sumer Solstice, born July 6/17

parents: Bailey and Tanoak Reuven of Palo Mesa

LEAH  will turn 2 on June 7th 

In case of rain we took early pictures

June 4/18 LEAH + POPPY

June 4/18 Tanoak Leah (Remy-Lenny)

June 4/18  Poppy, born April 7/08

Parents: Jitter Bug (Jelly Bean) and Lennox

June 3/18  Our Brutus has grown up